Data Systems

Working from an Excel spreadsheet or Access database is a great way to quickly start recording data, especially when you're starting out and working out what type of information you want to record. However as you expand you will quickly discover (or have already) that a spreadsheet is NOT the way to go.

Why use a data system?

There are many, many reasons why a bespoke data system will benefit you as a company. The primary benefit is it can be made to do whatever you require.

  • Easily accessible by multiple users
  • Easily accessible across multiple sites (e.g. a home worker and office workers)
  • Shape and manage the way your data is stored
  • Quickly find and access relevant information (e.g. opening up a client's history).

Why use CT14.IT?

I can provide you with a web based data system tailor made to your needs. This doesn't need to just be data input and output, it can be expanded to allow for other functions, like automatic PDF report generation, external communications, or links directly to your own website, or that of a third party.

The important thing to remember though is I can help you develop YOUR system in the way that suits you best.

  • All of the above key points
  • We will create a secure web based interface that can work across multiple devices including tablets and mobile phones.
  • We will host the system for you. No need to worry about servers and web addresses and anything else.
  • We will back up your data automatically allowing for a quick actions in response to an emergency.
  • Designed with expansion in mind. Ongoing development and support as your business evolves.

Above all else, CT14.IT will be there to discuss your needs throughout the development and usage of the system. We understand that changes will be required and only noticed once the system is already in use. We are happy to work with you on this.

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