Bit torrent sync

Bit Torrent (unfortunately) seems to be synonymous with the illegal downloading of films, music and games, especially considering the way UK ISP's get twitchy and block access to torrent listing sites. This is a real shame because at its core Bit Torrent is an exceptionally clever bit of technology that makes the transfer of data between locations very easy and efficient.

Unlike services like Dropbox, or Google Drive, Bit Torrent does not rely on a central store for the data. Connections between nodes are automatically discovered and made as required. This not only prevents a bottle neck through a single location, but also means that the system can continue to function even if a node (or seed) fails.

Bit Torrent Sync (currently in Beta) builds upon this to provide a brilliantly simple interface for backing up data between multiple sites. This could be personal use for maybe sharing photos with friends and family, or a business scenario for transferring documents between office branches automatically.

Need to add additional sites? No problem at all, you just load up the client (Windows, OSX or Linux) and provide the unique code for the share you want to access and it starts on it's one, simple as that. If I am honest my initial feeling of a single code being used to determine access to a share worried me, however on thinking about it, a 33 character long randomly generated string should be considered just as secure as an email address and a password used to protect other services and even then you can add additional security by increasing the "secret" length as well as limiting clients on a per IP basis.

On a personal level I use it to back up photos and project source code to my trusty Raspberry Pi and on a business level I use it to automatically backup web sites to a backup server.

The absolute best thing about this service is, there's no subscription, there's no space limit, there's no central provider which could go out of business, it's technology. There is nothing that will stop it working, no matter the scale you work with.

If you're a business that's not currently backing up your data and it's something you're interested in, please get in touch.

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Just a note...

While I've not had any problems myself, this is currently beta software, so be aware that changes could occur!

Posted by Chris.